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Thank you for your inquiry, we will respond within 24 business hours.

Tutoring Sessions Online or in Person on Your Schedule

Busy?  Don't worry, we also offer online sessions, set around your schedule, so you don't need to leave the house. 


We work with charter schools and homeschooling parents!  We are currently a vendor for both Sage Oak Charter School, and Julian Charter School.   



Mastery in Conceptual Learning

We work with your student to master concepts, not just cram for tests!  


Mastery is attainable by breaking down subjects, learning the rules of each concept, finding patterns, exploring both the process and the solution, all while encouraging higher-order thinking.


We start at the basics with all subjects, and run through core building blocks to fill in any gaps in learning foundation to continue to build upon your student's knowledge.    


Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

As each student is a unique individual, so are our customized learning plans.  


CNP is ideal for:   


  • students who wish to excel or build upon their existing knowledge and skills


  • struggling students


  • students with processing issues or learning disabilities 


  • students with ADD/ADHD


  • students on the autism spectrum  

Individualized, Customized Learning Plans

Our professional staff will tailor a specific curriculum to secure the success of your child using one or more of the following programs:*


  • Barton System

  • Lindamood- Bell​


  • Jr. Analytical Grammar




  • Creating New Pathways Math


*See description of each in our Programs page

New Format
for SAT I & II

Coming soon.


July 12, 2025

Competition for
Top Colleges
Fiercer Than Ever

Coming soon.


July 12, 2025


   "Miss Rita went above and beyond with my son, who has ADHD. She got him excited about reading when no one else could!"  

         "It is really cute to hear my son come home and teach his 2-year-old sister the rules of English!"

     "I love

Miss Rita!"

    "After only one session, my son came home excited and felt really confident about his writing assignment."

— Summer, Mother of 6 Year Old

 Masha, Mother of  5 Year Old 

— Brianna, Age 7

— Heather, Mother of 11 Year Old 

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