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Tutoring Subjects

Creating New Pathways offers therapy in math and reading (comprehension, word recognition, grammar and spelling) for Pre-K through 8th grade students.

With our focused and in-depth one-on-one sessions, your child's tutor will cultivate a relationship that encourages learning-friendly habits which will inspire lifelong growth. We can turn dreaded subject matter into achievable assignments!    


We will provide you with an outline of what we will be working on so you can follow along with your child and reinforce the subject matter and lessons at home.  

We offer customized sessions depending on your child's needs and schedule.  


A minimum commitment of 4 sessions is required to begin tutoring.   

Decoding and Word Recognition
Grammar & Spelling

• Elementary Math

• Word Problems 

• Telling Time

• Money

• Mental Math 

• Visualizing Number Relationships

• Sequencing 

• Conceptual Imagery 

• Recalling Information

• Critical Reading

• Higher Order Thinking 

• Organization

• Visualizing Stories

• Retaining Details

• Sequencing Events

Paraphrasing Text

• Applicable to all subjects


• Phenome Sequencing 

• Blends

• Digraphs

• Word Construction

• Pronunciation

• Sight Word Recognition 


• Mechanics

• Writing skills

• Grammar


• Algebra 

• Computation

• Recognizing Patterns

• Measurement and Estimation

• Problem Solving

• Organization

• Content

• Vocabulary Development

• Self-Correction


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