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Learning Disabilities 

While having nothing to do with intelligence, certain learning disabilities can hinder a child's performance levels and often affect their attitude towards learning.  
Processing issues are a common hindrance to children. Our teaching strategies are designed to help your child work around these issues to achieve success.
Are you unsure if your child falls into one of these categories?  We can refer you to companies that provide testing.


Does it seem like your child is constantly unfocused?  Students with ADD/ADHD are often inattentive, impulsive, and can be hyperactive.  Children with ADD/ADHD often have difficulties with working memory and maintaining focus. 


Auditory Processing Issues 

When you talk to your child, does it seem like it's in one ear and out the other?  Auditory processing issues arise when a breakdown occurs in how the brain perceives and interprets sound information.



Does your child struggle with mathematical concepts, seemingly not grasping basic numerical relationships? Dsycalculia involves frequent difficulties with everyday arithmetic tasks, and is more prevalent in children with ADD.  



Is it a fight to get your child to write?  Dysgraphia is the inability to write legibly, and often fine and gross motor skills can be difficult.  In addition you may notice that your child has reached physical coordination milestones later than typical for their age group. 


Does your child often confuse symbols, and/or have difficulty following along while reading, or even during verbal communication?  Dyslexia has many indicators, and the confusion of phonemes and symbols are among some of the most common that affect math and language success.  


Visual Processing Issues 

Is your child able to understand speech well, but is confused by written instructions? While having nothing to do with vision, visual processing issues refer to a hindered ability to make sense of information taken in through the eyes.  

Reading Comprehension 

Is your child able to read aloud accurately, but has trouble understanding concepts or recalling details afterward? Comprehension issues may be indicative of higher word recognition ability than comprehension ability.  This is often due to trouble visualizing written concepts.

Our team specializes in the following areas:  
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