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Student Comments
Parent Comments

“I feel like everything is easy when I'm here.”

— Isaac, age 11


“I like that I'm allowed to play with toys.”


— Aryan, age 5


“I love Miss Rita! I'm getting good with word problems." 

— Brianna, age 7


“I don't like reading much, but I like that I can read faster now!”

— Daniel, age 6


“I like getting help with my English and pronunciation.”

— Derek, age 10


“I like playing the Language Arts Game.”

— Sean, age 7


“Miss Rita went above and beyond with my son, who has ADHD. Not only did she get him excited about reading when no one else could, she also shared tools with me for redirecting his poor behavioral choices. She maintains the perfect balance of kindness, patience, and austerity. I am not exaggerating when I say that Miss Rita has changed our lives for the better."

— Summer, Mother of 6 Year Old


"My daughter has a better grasp of the number line and place value.  I have seen a huge improvement in her ability to mentally add numbers including 2 digit numbers."


— Taylore, Mother of  10 Year Old


“After just a few classes we observed improvement in our son's reading, comprehension, and spelling scores.  This improvement made our son a more confident reader."


— Mariya, Mother of 6 Year Old


"My son has processing issues and was feeling frustrated with keeping up at school.  Rita to the rescue!  She has been such a gift for our family, and I cannot recommend her highly enough."


— Hilary, Mother of 7 year old



“After only one session, my son came home excited and felt really confident about his writing assignment."


— Heather, Mother of 11 Year Old



"My son's reading and spelling is now at a greater level than his actual grade level.  This makes it easier for homework, etc!"


— Scott, Father of 7 Year Old


"It is really cute to hear my son come home and teach his 2-year-old sister the rules of English!"


— Masha, Mother of 5 year old





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