Price list

A minimum commitment of 4 sessions is required to begin tutoring.  


All initial purchase orders must be for 4 sessions.  

Accepted forms of payment: cash, check, credit cards (additional 2.9% applies), and purchase orders.  

Library Tutoring 


$50 per 50 minute hour at the Brea library.

In-Home Tutoring


$60 per 50 minute hour within Brea city limits


$2 per mile additional charge outside of Brea city limits

Homeschool Discounts 


We offer a discount for all charter school or homeschool students during school hours from 8-2 on weekdays.  


$45/hr on-site or at the library

$55/hr in-home within Brea city limits

$65/hr outside Brea city limits

Charter Schools

We are currently a vendor for the following charter schools:



Refer us to your charter school to utilize our services without paying out of pocket! 


Educational Testing

We can refer you if you desire testing:


  • Full Psychoeducational Evaluations

  • IQ Testing

  • ADD/ADHD Testing

  • Learning Abilities Profile

  • Full battery price $850